Guide to reuse

Every year the hundreds of thousands of people join the Garage Sale Trail help to find new love for over 3 million items, from frocks to teapots, books and more.  

Extending the life of stuff you no longer need diverts valuable resources from landfill and ensures all the raw materials and energy used to make new products are used to their greatest possible extent.  It's the circular economy in action and we LOVE IT.

Garage Sale Trail only happens once a year so we’ve created this guide with a few of our favourite ways to reuse all year round. Consider it a guide to getting your old stuff re-loved.


Head on over to your local council's website to find out what services they offer to help you reuse and recycle your old gear. From tip shops, to repair hubs, upcycling workshops and more, you might just be surprised at the range of services and support they offer.


Online marketplaces such as eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, Depop and Poshmark allow you to sell items you no longer want. They're great for good quality items you can turn a profit from.

Not sure what sells well? Check out what Kirra The Reselling Enthusiast has to say about the top 6 items you can make the most money on.

Looking to list your stuff on a homegrown Aussie marketplace that has good eco credentials? Look no further than Rosella Street where you can choose to buy, sell rent or give away.


Charities and op shops are a great option for clothing, accessories and books that are in good condition. If you’re not sure whether to donate think: “Would I give it to a mate?”. If the answer is a resounding yes, go right ahead knowing your donation will help fund their life changing work in the community

Find an op shop near you and visit during opening hours to ensure your donation counts, and items are not left outside exposed.


Check out YouTube for handy guides to help you get nifty with a glue gun, screwdriver or needle and thread. For clothing, Facebook groups like the Modern Mending Club are a great way to crowdsource tips and get support for all your mending and repair projects.  


Many local charities and community groups who support people doing it tough are looking for items all year round. Organisations like Givit match unwanted items to those in need, such as those affected by natural disasters or escaping domestic violence.  Check out for details of what is needed right now in your area.


For a thrifty and planet saving way to update your wardrobe, swap stuff with your mates or get involved in one of the many clothing swaps popping up all across Australia.


Not everything can be reused. For items that really have reached the end of their life, visit Planet Ark's Recycling Near You website for details on how to recycle anything and everything from mattresses to light globes and X-Ray films.


Leaving items you no longer want on the kerb or outside an op shop for someone else to deal with is illegal and costs charities and local communities heaps in clean up fees. Show your stuff some love and find it a new home instead. The planet will thank you for it.