ACT Reuse Guide

Extending the life of stuff you no longer need diverts valuable resources from landfill and ensures all the raw materials and energy used to make new products are used to their greatest possible extent. It's the circular economy in action and we LOVE IT.

Garage Sale Trail only happens once a year so we’ve created this guide with a few of our favourite ways to reuse all year round in the ACT. Consider it a guide to getting your old stuff re-loved. Download the factsheet here.

Pop into The Green Shed

ACT institution The Green Shed accepts donations of good quality clothing (and a heap of other household items). Donate in store hours at their Hume and Mitchell locations (Monday - Friday, 7.30am - 5pm). Just be sure to donate items someone else could use.

Donate to charity

Donating good quality items to charity not only saves them from the landfill pile but also generates much needed revenue to help charities continue their amazing work in the community. Last year donations of good quality items raised over $550 million for good causes. Basically it’s a win win. Find an op shop near you and call ahead to check opening times.

Be a champion donor and make sure you only donate items that are in good quality and donate during store opening hours. Think: would I give it to a mate? If the answer is no, it’ll likely cost the charity in clean up fees so consider one of the other options below like Manrags and H&M 👇🏽

Support recently arrived migrants and refugees

Migrant and Refugee Settlement Services accept donations of good quality clothing. Simply call ahead to see what donations they need and feel that warm glow that comes with knowing your pre-loved clothing went on to do good.

Make some money

Pre-loved shops and boutiques are springing up all around the ACT and they'll p[ay for donations of good quality stuff. Dirty Janes (clothing), Pandora's Pre-Loved Fashion (clothing) and Recycled Creations (for secondhand camping and outdoor gear) are just two.

Book a collection for clothes that have come to the end of their life

Manrags accepts clothing, shoes and linen that is worn out and has no place else to go and reuse or recycle what they receive. It costs $25 to book a collection which is redeemable in their store. Find out what they'll collect and book online.

Head into H&M

Next time you're in The Canberra Centre pop into H&M. They accept pre-loved clothing and textiles in any condition.

And finally, for linen and towels of any brand

Retailer Sheridan offer a great recycling program for old linen and towels. Simply donate them in store. They're located in Fyshwick and Manuka. Find out more.

This project is supported by the ACT Government. Their fantastic Recyclopaedia runs you through the A-Z of how to dispose of things you no longer need.